5 November 2020


Happy Birthday, Marines!

As we celebrate our 245th birthday, I reflect on the unique history, impressive collective accomplishments, and sacrifices made by individuals whom I am proud to call my brothers and sisters. At the same time, I can’t help but also think about us, the Marine Security Guards, and celebrate this special membership that we share.

Our group’s growth and importance have reached new heights – currently, over one thousand Marine Security Guards provide security to 181 embassies and consulates worldwide. Although the Marine Security Guard Detachments are the largest geographically separated units, we have a camaraderie that is un-comparable, and I want to remind you of the importance of that. This camaraderie helped us to operate as fine-tuned machines during our service, but also lasted beyond our active duty days. I’m confident that you, like me, have longed to re-create that same sense of closeness and trust. This is why the Marine Embassy Guard Association is so important to me personally, to all of us, and our legacy. We are blessed with an opportunity to keep that camaraderie going.

As individuals, we are also unique and should remember our personal accomplishments as well on this day. We each earned the title Marine, but also the title Marine Security Guard, which are sources of extreme pride and devotion. Each of us served successfully because we exhibited the warrior spirit necessary to win. The farther away we are from our service days, the easier it is to lose sight of that. On our 245th birthday as Marines, we must remember who we are, where we came from, and why we are here. We were chosen. Do not ever forget that. Our legacy has been etched in stone!



ROBERT L. LIGHTY/Chairman of the Board
Class May 82
Am Embassy Mogadishu 82-83
Am Embassy Santo Domingo 83-84
Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057
Cell/Text: 717-433-1105


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