Steve Maxwell is an Account Manager for Allied Universal Security, where Steve energetically manages and coordinates all aspects of the Security & Fire Department for its Ford Motor Company client in Avon Lake Ohio. Responsibilities include all activities relating to Security & Fire, acts as the Emergency Response Coordinator, and liaisons with 3 municipal jurisdictions that neighbor its massive 500-acre site. Steven ensures all team members are initially and annually trained in emergency response techniques; to include Confined Space Entry, Hazardous Material Response, and Rescue at Heights as well as Medical & Fire response.

Steve has received numerous certificates of recognition, a world-class leadership award, and various other commendations while serving in his current role by meeting and/or exceeding the client’s expectations. Among other distinctions in the field Steven helps the company and client’s fiscal responsibility by effectively scheduling, billing, and recommending cost saves when/where possible.

Steve likes exercising and working around the yard when he is not enjoying family life. A proud 8 year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps who serves on the disciplinary board at the local Am Vets Post #32.

Steve has been a Regular Member of the Marine Embassy Guard Association (MEGA) since 2014.

On 8/30/2020 at ~ 12:40PM ET,  Vice-Chairman CARLEO moved to appoint Steven I. MAXWELL [ Regular Member # 01721 ] a Director on our Board of Directors. Steve served in Kuwait City KW [ 1983 – 1984 ] and Santiago CL [ 1984 – 1985 ], and has been a Regular Member of the Marine Embassy Guard Association since 2014.

Steve has shown a sincere desire to serve as a Director on our board for some time now. He holds his time served on MSG in high regard and reflects on his time serving as one of “America’s Ambassadors in Blue” often. Any opportunity that he can find to help with this organization would be his privilege.

Although he does not possess any direct experience serving on a board of directors, he would be honored to have a chance to participate, contribute and learn from each of us as we steer this organization in a way that meets our intent and purpose. Because of this treasured portion of his life, it would be a pleasure and privilege to contribute to the continued good work and dedicated efforts that are the focus of our organization. While he does not possess significant and direct experience, he (and I) are confident that with his personal experiences, focus, initiative, and passion for this organization will enable him to be a positive influence and team player who looks forward to achieving any and all goals we choose to pursue.

The Chairman of the Board approved the motion and requested a seconding on 8/30/2020 at ~ 1:51 PM ET

A Seconding was received by Director SAMARELLI via Electronic Mail on 8/30/2020 at ~ 1:53PM ET

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