“The mission of the Marine Embassy Guard Association Strategic Planning Committee is to develop, modify and evaluate the strategic plan and objectives of the Association.”

The Committee shall be comprised of up to five (5) members of the Association (not limited to Board Members or Directors), and a minimum of two (2) members will be clinical members. Typically, no other Board members serve on this type of Committee, but considering the fact we have never really had one, it is appropriate considering we will just be getting started.

The initiative is designed to canvas our membership for Members with tenure in the Association, and former Directors and Chairman (where applicable). Diversity in committee composition is, of course, one of the desired end-states.

The goals of the committee will be developed internally to the committee and presented for review and ratification by the Board of Directors. Targeted, well-defined positions for within the committee shall be established during the initial kick-off meeting.

Part of the Chairman’s vision of this committee is to facilitate short-term and long-term goals and ideas to enhance the Marine Embassy Guard Association’s functionality; better serve our members; promote growth in membership; and continue to solidify our relationship with the two main components that govern the Marine Security Guard Program – the US Department of State and Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (MCESG).

The responsibilities of the members of this Committee includes, but is not limited to:

• Consenting to receive electronic communications.
• Acknowledge communications concerning committee work.
• Must be accessible, and responsive to, communication via email.
• Determine availability for committee meetings and inform the chair or staff as soon as possible.
• Get acquainted with the chair and other members.
• Review pertinent background material and agenda before coming to meetings.
• Take an active part in all discussions.
• Share information and experience directly related to a subject or problem under discussion.
• Understand and respect other ideas or conflicting viewpoints.
• Attack problems objectively and impersonally.
• Stay on the subject under discussion.
• Ask for clarification on any point or problem not fully understood.
• Accept and follow through on assignments.

Director CARLEO facilitated the gathering of the following members through direct solicitation for consideration to participate in this committee. Once the committee is fully up and running, a separate correspondence will be sent out to the general membership to solicit more members and ideas related to strategic planning for the Association, in keeping with the Chairman’s vision and priorities; and input from the membership via a form on the website (on the new Strategic Planning Committee webpage).

Now that the pool has been formed, a selection of Chairman must be made by a vote via the Board of Directors.

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