The Marine Embassy Guard Association’s Board of Directors is requesting your Nomination for the 2020 MEGA FOUNDERS AWARD, to be presented at this year’s Annual Reunion in Arlington, Virginia.

The Marine Embassy Guard Association Founders’ Award was created by the Marine Embassy Guard Association as a means of honoring those individuals that have provided outstanding service to The Association.

The award acknowledges the selfless service provided to MEGA by its original founder Robert L. “Big Bob” Kienietz, the founder of MEGA.


The Founders Award may be presented annually, provided sufficient nominations of an appropriate stature are received by the Board of Directors.

Members of the association shall submit the name of any fellow member whom they feel merit such recognition, along with the verifiable facts surrounding said exceptional service, in writing to the Board of Directors no later than March 1st of each year. The Board of Directors shall then evaluate the merits of each nomination and make a selection by majority vote.

There is no obligation on the part of the Board of Directors to present the award if a suitable candidate cannot be found.

Active Board Members are not eligible for consideration for the award. For a list of our current Board Members, visit:

The Founders Award is intended to honor direct support of association activities by non-elected or permanent appointees and may be awarded to current and active member volunteers of the Marine Embassy Guard Association subsequent to January 1 of each year.


To qualify, the associated service or activities must:

(1) directly affect the Marine Embassy Guard Association;

(2) be significant in nature producing tangible results;

(3) reflect favorably on the Marine Embassy Guard Association and /or the Marine Security Guard Program; and

(4) be of a sustained and direct nature.

While there is no specific time threshold to qualify for the Founders Award, the Board of Directors shall ensure the service to be honored merits the special recognition afforded by this award.

The Founders Award is intended to recognize exceptional association support over time and not a single act or achievement.



[ 2018 ] Jack MCGARRY

[ 2017 ] George V. LAMPMAN

[ 2016 ] Juan and Zelda ROCHA

[ 2015 ] Charles W. MAY

[ 2014 ] Dennis KRAUSE

[ 2013 ] Joe and Susie MITCHELL

[ 2012 ]  Charles “Chuck” L. NORRIS

[ 2011 ] Jim and Mary TRACY

   Please use the form below to SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATION NLT 1 March 2020.   

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