The deadline for 2023 MEGA scholarships is April 30, 2023.   

The Marine Embassy Guard Association has an established scholarship fund which benefits the children and grandchildren of former, or active Marine Security Guards. Financial support for the fund comes from individuals and corporations, as well as from members participating in our auction event during the MEGA annual reunion.

The MEGA Scholarship selection committee carefully reviews the scholarship applications submitted by applicants and selects the most deserving recipient(s).


The Marine Embassy Guard Association congratulates the following students awarded scholarships through the 2022 MEGA Scholarship Fund:
Nina SAMARELLI | Marymount University
George Lampman Scholarship, $2,000
Liam RANEY | Susquehanna University
MEGA Scholarship, $500
Riley Schaudel | University of Texas at Tyler
MEGA Scholarship, $500
Mckenah Morris | Marshall University
MEGA Scholarship, $500


Mary Abigail (Abby) TRACY | Birmingham, AL
Nina SAMARELLI | Vienna, VA
Blake CRAGEN | Knoxville, TN
Mary Abigail (Abby) TRACY | Birmingham, AL
Gabriel I. MAXWELL | Elyria, OH
Diani THOMAS | Bronx, NY
Mckenah E. MORRIS | Russell, KY
Kelly L. M. ANDRE | Yuma, AZ
Gabriel I. MAXWELL | Elyria, OH
Karli STUBBS | Auburn, ME
Jennifer NEAL | League City, TX
Darby A. WATTS | San Diego, CA
Nicholas LOSTETLER | Pembroke Pines, FL
Katherine RATHGERBER | Las Cruces, NM
Hannah “Laekyn” OTTS | Benton, AR
Dylan RUEFLE | Allison Park, PA
Katherine RATHGERBER | Las Cruces, NM
Karli STUBBS | Auburn, ME
Kaylin UNDERWOOD | Franklin, TN
Riley MCGRATH | Riverbank, CA
Kelly FUREY | Winthrop, MA
Remy GUASQUE | Dallas, TX
Kevin POWERS | South Portland, ME
Katherine RATHGERBER | Los Cruces, NM
Taylor MACKEY | Fredericksburg, VA
Kira WEBB | Indianapolis, IN
Tia RUEFLE | Allison Park, PA
Samuel C. UNDERWOOD | Franklin, TN
Kaitlyn HERMENING | Mosinee, WI
Ryan MORRIS | Huntington, WV
Nicholas M. MAUL | Greensboro, NC
Jessie M. MILLICAN | Clifton, CO


A. Academic Achievement
B. Extra Curricular Activities
C. Community Involvement, Volunteerism 
D. Leadership Activities
E. Financial Hardship
The scholarship is awarded for undergraduate study at an institution of higher education within the United States and recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE).
A cover letter should be submitted along with the application highlighting achievements and eligibility, and especially life/career goals.
The applicant must be a high school senior or high school graduate to apply for the scholarship.
The student must not have reached his/her 25th birthday at the time of application and must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 (on a scale of 4.0) at the time of application and must not have reached over 124 credit hours.
A certified copy of the most recent academic year school transcript will be required of all applicants.
The Scholarship Chairman will review all applications to determine adherence to eligibility requirements.


Scholarship applications can be downloaded from the MEGA website.
 The MEGA Scholarship Committee must receive applications no later than two weeks prior to current year’s reunion to be evaluated for eligibility.
 Incomplete applications will NOT be returned and not processed.
 No applications will be accepted for the current school year.
 A new application package is required for each academic year (August through May).
 Receipt of a current scholarship does not guarantee an award for future years.
 Scholarship assistance is available for a maximum of four years of undergraduate study only.
 Awards are to be used in a traditional classroom setting for the following: tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board on campus, and curriculum-required computers (a letter from the school requesting approval must be attached).
 Early disbursals are not authorized.
 Disbursals are made directly to the student.


Only completed applications that meet the eligibility requirements will be forwarded to the MEGA Scholarship Committee. The MEGA Scholarship Committee will be made up of MEGA Members.
The Board of Directors will act upon the recommendations from the MEGA Scholarship Committee and may select up to three (3) recipients for each school year for individual scholarships up to $1,000 not exceeding a total of $3,000. Members of the Board may review all complete and eligible applications at their discretion.
Decisions of the Scholarship Committee will be final. Applicants will be notified of decisions no later than a week after the annual reunion or a date determined by the Scholarship Committee.
 MEGA General Members will be notified at the Annual Reunion, newsletter, or e-mail of the name and hometown of the recipient, and the amount of the scholarship award.
Scholarship recipients will be responsible for Local, State, and Federal income tax liabilities, if any, in their respective jurisdictions.


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