Contained herein are the MEMBERSHIP BYLAWS (SECTION IV) for The Marine Embassy Guard Association. These are only an excerpt of our Association Bylaws and only pertain to Membership in The Marine Embassy Guard Association. To review our ENTIRE BYLAWS visit

Section 4-01. Membership. Membership in The Marine Embassy Guard Association shall be determined as follows:

Membership shall be open to Marines currently serving or who previously served on active duty in the ranks of the United States Marine Corps. It includes both men and women, active duty, reserve, retired, and honorably discharged Marines. They are, and shall be known as, “MARINE EMBASSY GUARDS.”

Section 4-02. Charter Members. Charter members are the 300 members whose applications were received and who were accepted into membership during the enrollment period.

Section 4-03. Regular Membership. Membership in The Marine Embassy Guard Association is open to all Marines who meet the eligibility requirements to wear the Marine Corps Security Guard Ribbon (MCSGR) in accordance with the current SECNAV M-1650. Membership is also open to Marines who are currently assigned to Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (MCESG) after graduating from Marine Security Guard (MSG) School, MSG Officer Course, or MCESG Orientation Training.

Section 4-03.2 Graduate Marines Eligible for Membership Graduates are eligible for membership during their periods of service with MCESG. However, eligibility will be revoked if the Marine is relieved from duty for disciplinary reasons or infractions. Upon a successful completion of their assignment and after being awarded the MCSGR, they will be a regular member under Section 4-03.1

Section 4-03.3 Proof of Eligibility Proof of eligibility must be included with application in the form of a DD-214, MSG School graduation certificate, Change of Duty Station SRB entries, or vouching endorsement by current MEGA member. (Only one is needed.)

Section 4-04. Associate Membership. Associate membership is available to those who are not qualified to be a Regular Member. Associate members shall have all the privileges of membership, except the right to vote, hold National Office or Directorship (unless otherwise qualified), and shall pay regular dues.

Section 4-05. Honorary Membership. Honorary membership may be conferred upon a distinguished person, or the Spouse or Parent of a Deceased Marine Security Guard. The Board of Directors shall confer or revoke honorary membership by majority vote. Honorary members shall have all the privileges of membership, except the right to vote, hold a National Office or Directorship (unless otherwise qualified), and shall be exempt from payment of dues.

Section 4-06. Life Members Fees. Any member of the Marine Embassy Guard Association who is in good standing, may become a life member, upon payment of the fee, as required herein. A life member shall not be subject to payment of further dues. Such members shall have all the privileges, and benefits enjoyed as a member so long as that life member shall live. The Board shall establish life membership fees from time to time.

Section 4-07. Member in Good Standing – Defined. All members shall be considered to be in good standing in the Marine Embassy Guard Association, except when: (1) Required dues are not paid, or transmitted, on or before the due date. (2) A member is indebted, or in arrears to the Corporation and has the right to appeal to the Board of Directors to set aside the indebtedness or arrears with a majority vote of the Board.

Section 4-08. Membership Dues. The annual fee for membership in The Marine Embassy Guard Association, and the date for such annual fee, will be set by the Board of Directors and published in the “MEGA-NEWS.”, email, web page and other mass communication as approved by the Board of Directors.


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