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On April 4, 2019 the Marine Embassy Guard Association Board of Directors voted UNANIMOUSLY to adopt a “modernized” logo.

The Marine Embassy Guard Association’s Strategic Planning Committee facilitated the redesign and modernization of our Association’s official logo.


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The Eagle, Globe, and Anchor is the official emblem and insignia of the United States Marine Corps.  At the foremost of our logo, it represents our undying loyalty and reverence for our beloved Corps, and its Marines. We are all FIRST…Marines!

A banner featuring the likeness of the Marine Corps Security Guard Ribbon (MSGR) is displayed proudly behind the Emblem of our Corps. The MSGR is a United States Marine Corps military award that was established by order of Secretary of the Navy John Howard Dalton on 15 July 1997. The award recognizes those Marine Corps personnel who have served as U.S. Embassy Security Guards and is retroactive to 28 January 1949. It can only we worn by Marines who have successfully completed a minimum of 24 months at overseas diplomatic assignments.

Directly behind the MSGR banner is a shield resembling the shape of the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group, or MCESG [ Formerly “Marine Security Guard Battalion or MSGBn” ] unit logo. It represents our close relationship with the MCESG and our support for all Marine Embassy Guards – Past, Present and Future. In the center of the shield is a cluster of a globe flanked diagonally by two American flags and the words “In Every Clime and Place” – the motto of Marine Corps Embassy Security Group. The 4 stars represent the 4 corners of the world we serve in.

The large blue field represents our significant presence and relationship with the United States Department of State, and the relationship we have maintained since Marines first started guarding American Embassies, Consulates and Legations.

The text around the outside border of our logo is the official name of the Association, as incorporated on October 7th, 1998 by the Colorado Secretary of State.

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