WHY WE EXIST           

The Marine Embassy Guard Association is comprised of United States Marines who have formerly served or are currently serving as Marine Security Guards since the inception of the program in 1948 and its deployment in January 1949 to U.S. Diplomatic Missions WORLDWIDE.

We are exceptionally proud of our heritage as Marine Security Guards, our continued service to our Country, and to our Corps.

We are COMMITTED to PRESERVE and PROTECT that heritage.


To faithfully serve as the proprietors of the Marine Security Guard Program’s legacy,
while establishing ever-lasting connections with the men and women who have served,
and continue to serve as Embassy Marines.


Be an asset to members by keeping them connected to each other
and to inspire members to maintain the cherished values of the Marine Corps.


Our core values reflect who we are and what we stand for as an Association.


Keep the fire burning even if you no longer wear the uniform.



Encourage each other and set the example to uphold these core values and those of the Marine Corps.



Honor the achievements of our Marines in service to the Corps, Country and Communities.



Stay connected with each other socially and professionally.



Chronicle our deeds for future generations and safeguard our untold history.

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